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When I was a little girl, I called myself Stephanie Butterfly, taking on an alter ego of whimsical fairy princess, performing self-directed plays for my parents in the living room of my childhood home.  There were short stories, years of journal writing, poems, screenplays, effusive gratitude letters and live theater shows. A young life made joyfully complete with persistent creative expression.

Then college.  In as a theater major; out with a BA in Communications.  Because, "there's no money in acting/directing/writing..."

Stable and lucrative career choices.

House.  Kids.  Domesticity.

Stephanie Butterfly was left in the shadows.

Until early 2017 when she was called to serve again; this time as a more matured version of herself.  It started with one improv class and quickly spiraled into a whirlwind of acting and voice classes, storytelling, mindfulness practice, creative writing and personal essay, hiring a Creativity Coach, networking with industry gurus, weekend intensives, workshops, legacy letter writing, spiritual exploration and yoga.  

I call it my Creative Rediscovery and I am grateful for every moment I unveil and manifest another layer of my own personal truth.  My story.  Through living the tenets of improv theater - which so beautifully align to life principles of integrity, self compassion, boldness and humanity - my path becomes pretty clear.  Our lives are indeed unscripted and there is no limit to our tolerance for joy.

So, I invite you to read my thoughts and perspectives throughout these pages, while curiously pondering your own.  What in your life deserves more love and attention?   On what adventures are you ready to embark?

"If life demands a sudden change of plans, catch them if you can." - Eliza Rickert, Lyricist 

With love,



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