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Nudging Forward

I am 6,912 words into a short story I was quite proud of. Until I slowed to a snail's pace with my writing, and then came to what can quite literally be considered a halt. Full stop. 60 to 0 mph. Nada, zilch. I got nothin'. For now. But inspiration is sure to come back. Perch on my shoulder and whisper sweet nothings into my ear until I finish the darn thing...right? Or not. And that will have to be okay. Because one of many things I'm learning right now is to be pleased with progress, no matter how big or small, and to remember to enjoy the process as well as (what will eventually be) the end product. It reminds me of something my Coach advised recently: to focus on finding comfort

Yes and...

I've been listening to an amazing and insightful podcast lately called, "Monster Baby" and I am absolutely hooked on what Ted DesMaisons and Lisa Rowland continue to explore: that there is a curious connection between the idea of mindfulness and the core principals of improv. They explore this convergence when talking about aging, the art of listening, harmony, change, healing and so many more realities we are all familiar with but sometimes struggle to figure out. For me personally, with the self discovery I'm (delightfully) entrenched in right now, the discussions speak so truly and poignantly to me I often find myself smiling and muttering "yes!" and "totally agree!" while listening at