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The Corporate

"Leave the corporate at the door." That's what my voiceover teacher advised me last weekend, when I was in the booth performing the script for a Florida Orange Juice radio spot. The Corporate. It was a director's note I'd heard before, coming back to haunt me. Only, when it came from my improv teacher, it sounded a little different: "I want you to be less instructive. You tend to enter a scene a little teacher-y, often telling your fellow players how to do something." Whether voiceover or improv though, it's the same idea. The feedback addresses the habit which - let's face it - has been drilled into me over 20 years of client presentations, internal meetings, new hire trainings and mana


How does my son's little brain work, anyway? All the insecurity and shyness. Such trepidation and physical recoil when the prospect of approaching someone (friend, stranger) with a question, a conversation, a simple request. Where in the world does that come from? Certainly not from me - the outspoken, rabble rousing, make-believin', shameless, "look at me" only child. Maybe from my husband - humble, thoughtful, full of introspection and wit. Or comes from within him. Because as it turns out yes, kids are born into gene pools and such, which of course carry their own weight and impact. But they are also their own beings, full of will and choice and personal experience. Fasc