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Whoa. It's beginning. I think I might just be moving from my creativity sampler platter to considering what all this exploaration might crystalize into. Don't get me wrong. I don't have any real decisions yet, but I love the ideation, consideration, formulation in store. I need a white board, or a white wall even, so I have a wide open space to document the possibilities. Something big and beautiful that accepts both good and bad ideas with equal measure - becuase I'm almost ready to unlock some raw concepts for prototype. Almost. I just need a couple beats more to find my balance, so I can hit this new ground running; prancing rather, with the sweeps of bare feet this time, and not wi


​​Summer doesn't officially kickoff for another few weeks, but for parents the true start is when the kids are out of school. Which for our family is this Thursday, 1:30pm sharp. (Cue thriller movie audio: duh duh duuuuh...) And then, we're off and running through 10 weeks of vacation - blissful afternoons with my boys, taking leisurely hikes up our canyon; freezing popsicles out of fresh fruit from the neighborhood Farmer's Market; quiet-time art projects in the dining room after which everyone pitches in to help clean. And then, the realization that I've been doing this long enough to know better. To know that in fact, this is not how our summer afternoons will likely play out, and th

Telescope (a poem)

I want a telescope for my birthday. I hear we’re made of stars and I’d like a closer look at my celestial anatomy. Which one looks most like my heart? Is there a hole in the sky where my spirit used to be? My joy? My wit? All the firey neurons that chatter in my brain and gut? It will be an old telescope, use by others before through their own voyaging. Wide-eyed astronomers. Bearded scientists. A woman like me. Curious, determined. A crusader. The telescope will stand regal on our patio. I’ll look through it every night to capture my true size. Small, but high frequency against the vastness. Just one of me, in all the millions. A rare constellation. Hard to see with the naked eye. Beautiful