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An Intersection

I just finished a week-long acting intensive with the Tom Todoroff Conservatory in New York City and there are literally no words for how amazing it was. However... I feel more directionally challenged than ever; the guilt-laden question coming at me from all sides: “So…what now?” And I'm sure I’ll find some clarity in stillness, now that I'm home. No surprise, my mindfulness practice went right out the back passenger window of my Lyft from the airport on day one. Instead, the name of my game in New York was speed, endurance and rapid-fire absorption of the city, our classes, dinner with friends, studio scene work, Broadway. Nope. No time for quiet reflection. Instead, I kept stretching

Onto a New Page

I'm in a humor writing class right now and on day one, we were asked to declare our daily, monthly and 6-month writing goals. Seemingly an easy challenge, right? My first thought was to resurface a story I'd started last Fall, about a little girl named Paola and her spirit animal friend Drishti, the camel. A young adult novel inspired by the painting over our fireplace. I'd spent 8,773 words and a good number of hours getting to know the two characters. I fell in love with their struggles and worked tirelessly to build their legacy. They were alive and well in my heart and on the page. And most importantly, I was proud of the work. Since January though, Paola and Drishti have been left