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Rudderless. That's how we can feel sometimes. Like we're navigating turbulent seas without direction or purpose. And that can sometimes feel exhilarating, liberating; kind of a choose-your-own-adventure ride. But more often, it feels downright scary. Fertile ground for self-doubt and let down. This was true for me when I left my job after twenty years to explore my creativity. I mean, where was I headed? What was my plan? Why on earth did I feel so entitled to abandon structure, systems...salary? I was so used to following my life's project plan - with its clear progression, outlining what the world projected onto me as successful achievement - following a different path seemed craz

A House Guest

Last week, I was overcome with the persistence of an Idea I've had before. I bumped into it again, somewhat out of the blue, and this time my Idea is louder and brighter than ever before. This time, it arrived on a one-way ticket and showed up with oversized, matching luggage. To stay a while. I guess my Idea can sleep in the guest room. That seems apropos, since that room doubles as my office - which is where most of my writing and project work takes shape. There's a Murphy bed in there with new pillows and bed sheets. It will be comfortable in there. My Idea seems to have a lots of advice to give, and I'm not sure I'm ready for it yet. They are solid, transactional thoughts on writi


I never realized, until recently, how cyclical we all are in our energy flow and how little we honor this, in lieu of being (ahem) human. The earth and moon rotate beautifully through their cycles. The tides, our seasons, the shapeshifting of ocean water into rain and back again. So naturally, we've got it all figured out with our own cycles too, right? Uh, no. Not always. I for one bulldoze right through my slower, lower energy cycles with relentless fervor - checking boxes, measuring my self worth by way of getting shit done. All the while wondering why I'm feeling so sluggish, and then shooting espresso as an avoidence tactic. Sound familiar? Sure it does. We are all card-carrying