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Awareness and Listening

*[Newsletter Series (#2)] Last week, we talked about improv theater performance and all the structure that goes into something so...unstructured. We also talked about how totally possible it is for you (yes, you!) to handle this art form because we are all professional improvisers. We wake up every day totally unscripted and, for the most part, everything turns out just fine. So here we are together, exploring improv as a path to aliveness, using my tried and true architecture of principles I truly believe can change the world when flexed and practiced in life. It looks like this: Awareness Listening Interdependence Vulnerability Engagement Non-Judgement Embracing Change Start Anywhere Sa

Professional Improviser

*[Newsletter Series (#1)] Improvisational theater performers study long and hard, the key tenets of their form in order to pull something from nothing at all. An audience suggestion, perhaps, but most times that’s it. One word or phrase that ignites a story never been told before - filled with character, relationship, objective and narrative arc. It’s impressive, sometimes totally mind blowing, yes. It’s also completely doable, believe it or not, with some training and a deep commitment to curiosity and play. But we’re not all cut out to be professional improvisers, are we? I mean, very few of us are seeking a life on stage feeling our way through unscripted performance for a paying audience