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Saying, "No, and..."

[Newsletter Series (#13)] “Babe, come watch a movie with us. People in improv get vacations too, you know...” That’s what my husband said to me not even 30 seconds ago, while I sit here at my laptop catching up on social media, the numerous blogs I follow etc -- and WHAM! I realized that’s the theme of this newsletter, so here goes Newsletter #13. I know I’ve already talked about the importance of following our need for rest and I again say, YES! to that. But isn’t it funny how persistent those callings can be? That despite every molecule in our bodies, telling us to slow down, chill out, reeeeelax...we ignore it all for the sake of staying on track and up to speed. Connected. In “the know”.

Story and the Art of Agility

[Newsletter Series (#12)] I hosted a workshop last weekend at Metta Yoga in Corte Madera, and it was fabulous. The group was engaged and vibrant, the studio - with its safe and grounding energy - supported us beautifully, and our storytelling theme was the connective tissue throughout. Why? Because story is foundational to almost everything we do. Wait, scratch the word, “almost” As human beings, we are born with the gift of storytelling. It’s how we connect, learn, retain, pass on legacy. And that’s awesome, right? Yes, and…story can be tricky, too. Because, for all the time we may put into building one -- whether it be a business presentation, a conference keynote, the graduation speech we