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Spaces Between

Back in December, I spoke at the Hivery holiday party in their new San Francisco space. It was an honor and a pleasure to lead a room of one hundred people in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, before talking with them about my ideas around Aliveness. Everyone participated and laughed together and, in the end, I think my message came through crystal clear: when we take time to intentionally close the spaces between us, we spark connection and joy. This idea of “Spaces Between” hasn’t gone away. In fact, it keeps tapping me on the shoulder: pick me! work with me! make me into something! And the more I think about it, this idea may become a solo show of mine; now or in the future...who’s to


It’s a new year, a new decade. “New Year, new you!” we say. “Make a shift to improve yourself!” Why? Why this idea of changing and shifting and hoping for something new/different/better? Instead, maybe we ease more into growth with what we already have. I mean, the truth is we’re already whole. We may just need some circuits rewired or lights brightened that have dimmed and dulled a bit over the year. It can’t be as hard as we make it seem. And why only once a year? Why not recalibrate over and over again, all the time in the interest of our incessant becoming? After all, there is no final destination. We don’t wake up one morning with a sense we’ve arrived. It’s a forever-process, an