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Possibility vs Disappointment

[*A free-writing journal piece prompted by Week 1 of Mark Nepo's newest book, The Book of Soul. The writing prompt invites us to explore how we sit with Possibility and Disappointment.] I hang out here, mostly, in the chance choice that comes with Possibility. What if…? Imagine that…! Optimism. Opportunity. Direction toward change, growth, development. There’s wonder and awe in Possibility. Curiosity too. I mean, didn’t we grow up believing anything is possible? All we needed to do was put our mind to it. Try. There’s dreaming and whimsy in Possibility. And a beautiful not-knowing. Chance and risk abound, but in bright colors and rays instead of shadows. I spend more time avoiding

Follow Through...?

It’s early, and I’m supposed to be writing to the prompt, “being touched” right now, as part of a 21-day writing challenge I’ve only partially participated in. Because you know...shiny objects vs. follow through. Ugh. Follow through. My dad always warned me not to start anything I wasn’t going to finish. (Although he also advised me to always, always return a phone call when someone reached out -- and I couldn’t get the man to reply to a text if his life depended on it!) He’s right, though. Follow through is important. But is it always necessary to finish what we start, even when we’ve fallen out of love with it; when we’ve taken up another project part way through the first one? I mea