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Gratefulness Interrupted

It's Thanksgiving and I woke up grateful. I wrote about gratefulness in my journal. I went to yoga and practiced with gratefulness. It felt full and honest and amazing. I even dedicated my practices to my kids.

And then I came home to the reality of wife and mom, homeowner and dog boss. All responsibilities I own up to fully, and on most days enjoy. But let's face it, all those things leave little room for reflection and inner peace on this holiday afternoon.

I mean, how can I make time being thankful for my family when I they want my full attention all the time? "Give Mommy a minute - I just need a little quiet to remember why I love you. What? No, you can't eat that Snickers bar for breakfast. Wait, why aren't your clothes put away like I've asked? Did you just push your brother?! No? Okay, Namaste to you both."

But in all seriousness, I do have gratitude - journaling and yoga intentions aside. I am one of the lucky ones. I got loads and loads of the good stuff - the family, home, opportunity, health and creative resonance. I have clean air and water, food to eat, money and love. So much love.

So while my life is filled with interruption, I am blessed to have them. And let's face it: a small diversion to answer my 5 year old's question about whether Santa is an angel, only helps sweeten my secret sauce for a true and glorious life.

Santa is an angel if you think he is one, Quinn. And for that, go ahead and have your Snickers bar breakfast.

Peace. Love. Gratitude.

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