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Words to Live By (an evolving list)

"I have long life and had many troubles, most of which never happened." - Mark Twain

"When you don't do your best, you break your own heart." - Tom Todoroff, acting coach

"I've never met a bored person who isn't boring." - Elizabeth Gilbert, author

"Beware of 'the right time'. The time is now." - Tom Todoroff

"There are people who prefer to say 'yes', and there are people who prefer to say 'no'. Those who say 'yes' are rewarded by the adventures they have. Those who say 'no' are rewarded with the safety they attain." - Keith Johnstone, improv guru and founder of Theater Sports

"A powerful choice includes all of you." - Danielle LaPorte, author and speaker

"If you can pay attention in the valleys, you will have no trouble paying attention on the top of the mountain." - Rob Bell, pastor

"Your life is not happening somewhere else." - Rob Bell

"The most direct route to self love and success is to make a series of commitments and then keep them. No matter what." - Tom Todoroff

"Transmit and receive constantly. Don't live in shadows." - Tom Todoroff

"On the other side of your fear is your freedom." - Jen Sincero, success coach and author

"Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they're deciding, make even more art." - Andy Warhol

"When we say we're unqualified to do something, it's usually because we're too scared to do it." - Jen Sincero

"The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them...So this, I believe, is the central question upon which all creative living hinges: Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?" - Elizabeth Gilbert

"We hide behind ideological bunkers with like-minded people and the only thing we have in common with those people is a shared hate or others...I call this counterfeit connection. This is not true belonging. It is hustling of the worst magnitude...How do we connect at a level that i more primal than our politics since we are all interconnected?" - Brene Brown, researcher and author in an interview with Kristen Tippet on her podcast, On Being.

"Mindfulness is: paying attention to the present moment on purpose with curiosity and kindness to things as they are." - Jon Kabat-Zinn, professor and Founder of Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts

"Improvisers have a little super power because they practice creating relationships...(we) have tools for figuring out those relationships and we can bring that to real life. We can really see what's happening between people and there are large swaths of the world who miss that stuff...Because of: fear of failure, vulnerability...We sacrifice connection because we want to be protected." - Lisa Rowland, BATS Improv main stage improviser and teacher

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