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Home Office: A Lunar Intention

I've been reading about the moon phases recently, and it's pretty fascinating. (Stay with me here, I promise not to get too metaphysical...)

There's a woman named Ezzie Spencer, PhD, who developed a program called, "Lunar Abundance", the practice of setting an intention at the New Moon, and then tracking that intention across the other seven phases, culminating in the Full Moon. It's an exercise of reflection - both at the onset, to figure out what the heck you want to manifest; and throughout the month, to observe progress.

I sat yesterday in meditation to think through what my Lunar Abundance intention might be. I was a scattered mess. My list included:

More community

Successful writing outcome

A published humor essay

Striking a balance between being and doing

Beautiful office space

The guided audio prompted me to write these down in a journal, and then hone in on one.

And wouldn't you know it? I choose beautiful office space.

Office space?! How pedestrian! Especially compared to community and balance. What will office space even entail? A bunch of web browsing and idea vetting with my design-minded friends? Trips to West Elm to test the quality of the veneer? I couldn't think of many things less inspiring that all of that.

But in the spirit of spirit (and to really give Ms. Spencer's whole Lunar Abundance process a go), I dove in further, identifying qualities of the intention that would give me something to lean in and hold onto. I came up with five:

Creative resonance


Open and readiness

Beautiful things

Inspirational workspace (this one was underlined twice)

Aha! So that's where the depth comes in. I knew it! We're not talking about finding the perfect L-shaped desk or deciding whether to install ready-made shelves or not. Those are the action items, sure, but that's not where the juiciness is. This intention is about space and self; energized artistry. A creative zone to let the sparks fly. Now that's more like it. Those are things the moon and I can really get behind!

So, bring it on the waxing crescent. Come hither waning gibbous. We've got this.

[Quick side note here that I do realize this is just a room. A room that will often be shared with Mike and his conference calls, bulldozed by kids and used for far less glamorous feats like bill paying and family calendaring. But alas, I really am going to give this lunar practice a shot, so I ask that you bear with me and my glossy hopefulness.]

The New Moon was yesterday, May 15th, so I'm off and running. And I'll be honest: I'm really energized about this. At best, by our next Full Moon, I will have created a beautiful space in our beautiful home to make beautiful things. And if the lunar phases pass with little progress, I'd have at least reshaped something seemingly plain and domestic into a project I can wrap my whole heart around.

Either outcome will be more than okay by me.

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