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Whoa. It's beginning. I think I might just be moving from my creativity sampler platter to considering what all this exploaration might crystalize into. Don't get me wrong. I don't have any real decisions yet, but I love the ideation, consideration, formulation in store. I need a white board, or a white wall even, so I have a wide open space to document the possibilities. Something big and beautiful that accepts both good and bad ideas with equal measure - becuase I'm almost ready to unlock some raw concepts for prototype.

Almost. I just need a couple beats more to find my balance, so I can hit this new ground running; prancing rather, with the sweeps of bare feet this time, and not with pounding block-healed boots I used to climb my corporate ladder.

Almost. I'm still breathing into the thought of what's next. Nurturing that soft spot in my heart where the vulnerabilities live.

Almost. My goal-setting, project-planning masculine energy is so quick to jump all over this and - as any wisened mother would - I'm having to soothe and hush those tendancies to let the gentler, more receiving femanine parts of me have a voice.

Yes, there's much work to be done and I feel like I'm fired up again, tuned in at high frequency. Relinquishing expectation in exchange for wonder.

It is so clear to me: the organic entanglement of storytelling, improv and writing. The palpable connection between us when we share our untold narratives, or just play games and make stuff up! And don't we need this now? Like right. This. Very. Instant. While we feel our way toward one another through clouds of social media posts and idealistic divide? As we try to see eachother around barriers of skewed belief systems we're taught to hold onto and defend, no matter the injustice.

No doubt this comes across lofty and rose-colored. That's not my intent. I'm just saying our need for connection and play and storytelling are part of the human condition, and I would love to do my part in reminding us of that.

So excuse me while I flex my dreams and hit the white board. Who knows what's next? Watch this space for more.

Love and gratitude,


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