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Most times I approach a blog post, I follow an inciting incident or a burst of creative inspiration to get me to the page. Not today, friends.

Today, I am free-form. Stream of consciousness. Top of the head, fly by the seat my pants. So bear with me. Or not. You do you.

It's September now, and with the fog and the changing sky, it seems summer was just an apparition. Backpacks hang where mesh swim totes used to be. The dishwasher's filled with sticky lunch boxes and mixing bowls from routine weeknight meals. The pool feels too cold to swim, and barbecue season is approaching its seasonal curtain call.

This happens every year, and yet we're surprised again. Shaking our heads with a collective groan about how close Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are "right around the corner." And how it was "just yesterday" we were sitting curbside at our small town Fourth of July parades.

But seasons invariably change, and with Fall comes rejuvenation, fresh starts and knee-high boots. Fireplaces and red win

e. Soccer games, changing leaves and reconnection with friends. It's a beautiful time of year actually... when we're ready for it.

But not now. Not just yet. Give us just a couple more sparkling, warm weekends, Dear Universe. We'll get there.

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