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Two Sides, Same Coin

Photo by Ryan Thomas Ang on Unsplash

These past few days, I've been stuck wondering how to balance content consumption with content creation. Basically, taking in other peoples' awesomeness vs. generating my own. Both take effort and time. Both are rewarding and beneficial. And there's a certain interplay between them too: intake and experience of others' work can have generous impact on our own. But it's a dance. And I for one, am tripping over my own feet.

I mean, I can't tell you how many videos, articles, blog posts, research summaries and social media updates I have open across the top of my screen right now - each tucked into their own little browser tab, taunting me for not having read them by now.

And then there's my Medium page and this blog calling to me too.

Pick me! Read me first! Wait, where are you going ?- we're not done here!

It's a menacing sirens' song that ends up feeling more like a "to do" list than artistic curiosity. Which is exactly what it is: curiosity - the cornerstone to aliveness! The key to getting-shit-done-ness! I can't let these nine browser tabs, three unread paperbacks, two pending online courses and one lone blinking curser scare me away from that!

Life happens in beats, I guess. And we have to play them out one by one to hear the whole song. And if it's true there's wholeness through integration, consumption and creation are conjoined twins.

And that, my friends, is when it becomes a question of time management (gasp!), which is a whole notha' post for a whole notha' day.

Until then, you can find me here in my office pre-daw, per usual - with my floor heater and my candle and my Spa Music playlist - shape-shifting between the two sides of this one coin. Until I get the balance just right.

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