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It’s a new year, a new decade.

“New Year, new you!” we say. “Make a shift to improve yourself!”


Why this idea of changing and shifting and hoping for something new/different/better? Instead, maybe we ease more into growth with what we already have. I mean, the truth is we’re already whole. We may just need some circuits rewired or lights brightened that have dimmed and dulled a bit over the year.

It can’t be as hard as we make it seem.

And why only once a year? Why not recalibrate over and over again, all the time in the interest of our incessant becoming? After all, there is no final destination. We don’t wake up one morning with a sense we’ve arrived. It’s a forever-process, and it can be pretty close magic if we let it.

It can’t be as hard as we make it seem.

With all the Insta-coaching offers and the diet plans; the “buy now for 60% off” on shiny, beautiful advice from shiny, beautiful people. We quite honestly don’t need any of it. But it’s, we jones for all of it at any cost, right now.

New Year, new you!

There are countless choices we’re asked to make about how we want to live out this year, and for 2020, I propose TRUST. Not only because it’s my personal intention, but because I love how multifaceted it is:

Trust in ourselves.

Trust in each other.

Trust in the universe, synchronicity, divine timing.

Trust we’re doing this whole human experience thing “right”.

Trust we are loved.

The reason we grab and clutch and yearn for guidance outside of ourselves is because we don’t trust we have what we need inside. And it causes so much unnecessary pain! In fact, we’re causing more dis-ease by making each other feel we need all these programs/seminars/plans; that solving for what we lack is more important than nurturing what we have.

Oh and psst...for what it’s worth, I am nowhere close to living in my own trust. In fact, I have a lot of work to do, and I can see that almost every day in how I interact with the world. Like many of us, I second guess, doubt, pretend, hide, perform and compare around every twist and turn. And frankly, I can’t stand that about myself.

So there’s that. My honesty. And my trust you’ll support yourself and each other (and maybe even me), with this musing on ringing in our new decade a little outside the cliches and hashtags around being somehow changed and improved.

The new year doesn’t need a “new” you. We just need you. All of you. Whole and good and here. With all of your beautiful, imperfect aliveness.

Let’s do this, Life Players.

Happy New Year to all of you. Love and peace and TRUST.

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