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I listened for the oceanic wave of traffic just beyond my Redwood grove today, and there was nothing but quiet. The quiet of no one going anywhere. Reminiscent of nothing I’ve heard before.

And the houses were dark and I wondered if birdsong would be louder this year, with all this stillness we’re told to maintain for our own safety. Maybe the coyote cubs and the owls will stay long enough for us to know hearing them wasn’t a dream.

The pace of everything has slowed and it’s hard to see the good in that — having been fed a hearty diet of quickness and box checking.

But there is goodness here. The coyote knows. Just ask the owl. Two wild neighbors who can see through darkness; whose every sense tunes in to their wooded surrounding in sweet connection.

The traffic is a whisper for now, and I just know there’s goodness in that. After all, it’s been forever since I’ve felt this weightless pausing.

So, go back to bed, my love. We have a whole new day ahead of us once that sun comes up. You need your rest.

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