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Creativity: An Act of Insanity

I’ve missed this. Sitting down to write. I used to publish blog posts every week! And I've just plain fallen out of practice.

Not long ago, I was worried I had too many different creative projects on my plate -- solo shows, voiceover, improv classes, creative writing groups. Now, much of that has fallen away and I feel a little empty without it. The sense of being pulled into flow through creativity is unmatched and hard to describe. Sure, there are times I feel a little crazy; a little unhinged from whatever ‘normal’ is supposed to look like.

I mean, it is a beautiful kind of insanity, isn’t it? Creating something from that never existed before -- sometimes just for the sake of making it. Other times, to share in bright lights and with a megaphone!

And despite our reason for creating this new thing the world has never seen before, there’s no guarantee anyone will acknowledge it or pat you on the back for having made it. It may wither and collect dust somewhere, or get loads of bad reviews. Our parents may not understand it and the people with the Instagram highlight reels might make us question why we tried in the first place.

Or...our work is received with open hearts and minds. Readers/subscribers/viewers scratch their heads and wonder how we made such a beautiful gift.

“I just made it,” you’ll say. “And you can too.”

Maybe you don’t consider yourself a ‘creative person’. Maybe someone told you there’s no money in that or questioned the quality of your work. Maybe our educational system swapped the value of creativity with the value of test scores, and you listened.

If that’s you, UNSUBSCRIBE! It’s not too late! We need you and all of whatever it is you do and make. We need your creative insanity!

Can you relate to any of this? Where are you in your creative continuum? Are you all in? Writing, sketching, painting, dancing, designing, strategizing, planning, painting, sewing, decorating…? Or is it a slower season for you right now? A quiet, dreamy time when sun and hikes and BBQs trump studio time to create your next thing? Whatever works for you at this moment is right. And when you’re ready to dive back in, we’re here to cheer and champion and see you.

If you want someone in your corner, reach out to me! I am right here, and I’d love to coach you through this. Or...join my next EnlivenUp! On June 15th. It’s the last of the ‘season’ and we’re going to explore our inner critic. See you there?

Until next time, people, keep finding the joy. Love you!

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