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There’s a blank page here. It’s glaring and empty and, while I know it won’t be that way by the time you read this, there’s always fear that what fills this space won’t be what you’re looking to read today. Or ever.

We’re on the second paragraph now. Are you still with me?

Being an entrepreneur, it seems I'm filled with this kind of doubt all the time -- on both good and bad days. Starting a business is an exercise in fierce commitment, bravery, humility and resilience. If there’s one thing I’ve learned here, building this, is that my personal growth -- who I am, what I’m becoming, how I ‘be’ in this life -- is inextricably tied to the unfolding of Enlivened Studios. They are the same experience.

And that’s not to say I succumb to some cliche about being my work. It doesn’t mean I define myself by what I do. Rather, it’s in the journey. How I navigate and process.

The doubt that comes with a blank page.

The uncertainty around client outreach, workshop sign ups, audience resonance.

The ways I nurture my brilliant community of Life Players.

The practice of hitting that ‘send’ button even when my work feels very done but not quite perfect.

All the paths forward and the dead ends; the circuitous routes back to where I started; new places inside me I didn’t know were there.

It’s a wild ride, sure. But it’s my ride.

And for whatever reason, it’s never felt more mine and more right than now.

There is truth and trust and a fire I hadn’t felt before.

It’s awesome.

And I have to wonder: is this what it feels like to be on purpose? ‘Cuz I haven’t felt this lit-up and trusting; this a long time. And what’s strange is that I feel like I’m just getting started, and there’s work to do. People to gather, stories to unearth, revolutions toward rigorous joy and the commitment to conscious impact.


Wow, look at that. I showed up today and filled a page. And you’re still here. And I love you.

Will you keep showing up with me? Fall down and get back up with me? Make mistakes and then celebrate them with me? Follow what we love, make magical the world?

I don’t want to do this alone. It’s a lot more fun when we’re together. Lezzdothis.

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